Looking for great ways to have fun and burn calorie at the same time? One option open to you is the use of a recumbent bike. These bikes can be found both in stationary exercise models and in mobile pedal style bikes. Both forms will ensure that you get the calorie burning exercise that you need when you use them, and recumbent bikes also have several advantages over other modes of exercise. In this article we will explore some of them.

  • Less strain on the knees and feet. Some forms of exercise, and running in particular, can be very hard on your knees and feet. The constant jarring contact of your feet on pavement or a treadmill can lead to knees that ache after exercise and eventually all the time. Using a bicycle means no ground contact is made with the feet, and that means a smoother exercise session. Recumbents offer even less knee strain than upright bikes, due to the fact that you will not be extending your knees as much.

  • Back support. From neck to tailbone, health professionals tell us recumbent bikes can be a lot easier to ride for those who suffer from back problems. They will also not contribute to exacerbation of back problems in the future. The reason for this is the wide seat at the base of the sitting area as well as the backrest, which a rider can lean up against.

  • View. If you are using a recumbent bike for exercise purposes outside of the gym, one thing you will notice right away is that you get to see a lot more of the scenery going by than you did on an upright. The rider of a recumbent bike sits facing forward and upright, not down, and that means you will get to see a lot more than just the pavement under your wheels!

  • They are faster. Again, if you are using a recumbent bike that is not stationary, you can expect to go a bit faster than you would on an upright bike, with the same amount of effort. The position means that there is less wind resistance on a recumbent, and that means greater speed.

Recumbent bikes make a great option for those looking to get some exercise. They are less likely to contribute to ongoing health problems than other modes of exercise, and have several advantages in the mobile model as well. There are many online retailers who sell recumbent bikes and there are also trainers who can point you in the right direction.

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