If you've been hesitant about getting into the world of working out and exercising, either because you don't think you can handle an intense workout or you're too lazy to leave your property to make your way down to the nearest gym, then you might want to stop making excuses and find something that'll ease your way into getting healthy.

The one way you can do that, which we highly recommend, is to workout on a treadmill! The great thing about treadmills, either at the gym or in your Port Union homes, is that they are pieces of exercise equipment that can be used for people of not only all ages but also all body types as well! No matter how intense you want your workout to be you can set the program on your treadmill to be customized to your age and body size.

If you're in your mid-20s then you can probably run at a higher speed and a steeper incline than someone in their late-70s, or at least you should be able to do so. You know what your body can handle so use that information when running on a treadmill. Another great thing about treadmills is that they come with pre-recorded running programs that you can pick and choose from. When you first get on a treadmill in your home or at the gym you can start from the bottom and run at the slowest speed and gradually work your way up to the point your endurance has improved and that you can run at a faster speed.

Treadmills are made to work for you and if you're at all serious about wanting to get into shape then purchasing a treadmill for your condo or a gym membership that has plenty of treadmills to workout on would be a wise investment. You're never obligated to run at a speed or incline you don't think you can handle on a treadmill so remember that the first time you step foot onto a treadmill. Page content supplied by BNI Forest City networking group.

Ease your way into running on a treadmill so that you don't quit because you think it's too hard. You can even walk if you don't want to run on a treadmill and do something else at the same time like read a magazine or go over house plans! As long as you get on the treadmill and do something active and are in constant motion you'll be fine and the results will gradually start to appear. Good luck!

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